Church of the Good Shepherd


The Church of the Good Shepherd (Anglican/Episcopal) Welcomes You!

We extend a warm welcome to people of all races, languages and faith traditions. In the worship we offer to God, and in the service we offer to the community, we seek to share the unconditional, inclusive and transforming love of God, made known in Jesus Christ Our Lord.


Worship Schedule and Congregation Updates

The Church of the Good Shepherd is home both to a Chinese congregation and an English congregation. Separate services in English and Chinese are held on the first, second, third, and fifth Sundays of each month:

English Service: 9:30am with Sunday School
Chinese Service: 11:00am

A bilingual service is held on the fourth Sunday of each month:

Combined Bilingual Service: 09:30am

Current bulletins, announcements, and other updates can all be found through our blog. Please check there often for the latest news.


Our Contact Information

English Priest: Rev. Diane Wong
English Priest email:
English Priest cell phone: 0972-016-873
English Priest home phone: (02) 2873-8104
Rector: Rev. Lily Chang

The Church of the Good Shepherd
509 Chung-cheng Road, Shilin Taipei, Taiwan
Church phone: (02) 2882-2462, 2881-8102
電話: (02) 2882-2462, 2881-8102
Church email:

How to find us

Directions to Good Shepherd

From the Shilin MRT Stop, take exit Number 1. We're a 10-15 minute walk west on Chung-cheng Road (中正路), past the B & Q and HOLA.

The Red 10, Red 7, 206, 255, & 620 buses pass the Shilin MRT and the church.
From Tienmu, the 508, 536, 601, & 206 buses go to the church.
Our bus stop is Yang-Ming High School.

Map to Good Shepherd